2020 Camp Registration

Please use the form below to register for Summer 2020 Camp Agawam

Racquets Academy.  

Cancellation Policy: Parents may be uneasy about signing up for camps due to uncertainty around whether camps will be run due to COVID-19. If you choose to cancel for any reason by 2 weeks prior to any given camp week, you will be entitled to a full refund.  Accordingly, our cancellation policy is that we will provide a full refund if the whole week of camp is cancelled before a camp week starts. Agawam reserves the right to cancel single camp days or partial days with one day advance notice if rain forecast will require us to remain inside for most of the day.


The PGA Golf Development Camp has a separate registration form.   

In the form below, the Racquets Academy dates and details follow the Camp Agawam dates

and details, so be sure to scroll down on the form for Racquets Academy.

Please note that the camp registration form is administered through our partners

at Lincoln School.  Agawam Hunt members should use their member number on the

form so that camp fees may billed through Agawam. Non-Members will be billed by

Credit Card through Lincoln School.

15 Roger Williams Avenue

Rumford, RI 02916


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